1. #CDG in navy blue. #love

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    the three p’s

    • pizza
    • pasta
    • pearl jam

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  6. #balmain #love

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    UNBELIEVABLE. It makes me sick to even look at the first photo. The first picture above was taken about a year ago, the picture below..two weeks ago. Wearing the same dress (which I could barely breathe in a year ago, and now it’s too big on me.) How did I EVER let myself get to that point? Never again.

    You go girl! I lost 40 lbs this past year and now weigh 140. #looking good

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    I don’t pop Molly I rock #TomFord. Beautiful picture from @dialo_2 of the #Panerai 289 and #Porsche

    289? That looks like a 233 to me. 

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    shine on

    oh fuck me, that’s hot!

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  10. cat tattoo

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    Fight for what you want.

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    My tattoo for my daughter :) i drew it myself

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  13. wrist #tattoo

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    STOP! Camo Time! Thanks to @uizhartanto #Panerai #Nike #camo